This is on fire!

First thing you want to do is sign up.  Click the button above and sign up.

Second thing you do is fund the account.  Scroll over the finance tab and click the "add funds" drop down.  The more you start with the higher your earnings daily will be.  If you start with the $5 minimum it will take you a long time to be profitable.  Start with $100-$1000 or more is what i suggest.  This has been averaging about 5% a day so $100 will pay you $5 a day and this could be more or less depending on advertising revenue.

Third, you now have added funds.  Scroll over the finance tab again and click in the "purchase shares" drop down.  It is pretty self explanatory. Decide how many you will purchase and then it will ask you to preview it.  Once you confirm it and select the pay now option you will be ready to start earning every 30 minutes. 

Fourth, scroll over the "View Ads" tab.   Select "Surf Ads" from the drop down.  You will see 10 ads.  Click on an ad and view it for 10 seconds.  The timer will count down and let you know when it has finished.  Once you have viewed 10 ads you will begin earning every 30 minutes for 24 hours.  It is a good idea to click the "Overview" tab which takes you to the home page after surfing your ads.  As you scroll down to your dashboard you will see a computer.  It should have a green check mark and say "You are on Surf Free Mode".   As your shares mature to between 120-150% they will drop off.  You must surf 10 ads daily to earn.  When the timer runs out you stop earning.

Fifth, repurchase shares with your earnings to compound your efforts and grow your money very quickly. 

Sixth, set up your ads to promote your offer.  I highly suggest the Four Corners offer. 

Seven - The Pay Plan - You need to develop a plan for taking profits.  You don't want to get greedy or you will diminish your future growth.  I will share what has been working for me.  I took the number of shares I started with and multiplied it by 2.5 then once I reached that number I withdrew 20% or 1/5 of my initial purchase.  I reinvest the earnings and each time I increase it 25 shares I pull  $10.  It is slow at first but after 3 months it works very efficiently at cranking out money.  Another thing, you will earn commissions from referrals.  This can greatly increase your income.

The key is to grow this while you are drawing an income.  It is better to draw less and grow it more than to draw to much and send yourself into a tailspin where you begin earning less which means less to draw from.