Is FEAR holding you back from your dreams?  Fear is a state of mind that can be changed.  Fear can immoblize you, age you, destroy your potential.  Fear, limited vision and lack of self esteem keep most people from doing what they want to do.  How long will you let fear hold you back and stop you from getting what you want in life?  Fear has its place and to often we use it the wrong way.  We use it to keep us secure or so we think.  We don't take the chances then that might alter our life to a course we desire.  We become complacent and bound to our comfort zone. 

There is another way.  Observe fear for what it is.  For what it is most useful for and discard the fear that obstructs our paths to the dreams we desire.  The purpose of life is "THE ADVENTURE".   A life has not been lived when one can look back to a life of regrets.  So I urge you to put fear in its place. 

FEAR - The Dream Killer